Can’t stop what ya don’t know
What’s good with the rock if you can’t roll?


Crazy (prod. by Uncanny)

Rapko-Sacrifice(Produced by Uncanny)


Rapko - Just the Fire ft. AYO


Rapko- Basic Rappers (prod. by Uncanny)

Don’t sleep on a lyricist.
Press play if you want some good ass hip hop.
You won’t be disappointed.

Uncanny on the beat

and my dude Rapko destroys the instrumental

Rapko - The Game(Produced by Uncanny)


Soul Music - Rapko + UncannyDownload here or click-through 
Download, listen, enjoy and share with a friend… thanks


Soul Music - Rapko + Uncanny

Download here or click-through 

Download, listen, enjoy and share with a friend… thanks



Just the Fire ft. AYO (prod. by Uncanny)

Soul Music - December 29th.  



Rapko - “The Game” (prod. by Uncanny)

Another one off of Soul Music (set to drop as soon as I mix all this shit.)
Check the lyrics here.



Fellas…take notes…this is how you write a love (rap) song:

Make You Mine (produced by Uncanny) (performed by Rapko)
- - - - - - - - - 
Hey there, baby, listen up, i gotta say
I seen ya eyes and they looking like they’re nothing round my way
Now I ain’t even frontin’, but this beat stay bumpin’
like my heart stays thumpin, so I gotta say somethin’.
I know I ain’t ya type, but I’m thinking im ya kind and
I can see in ya eyes what ya sayin in ya mind.
You’re light years ahead, but I’m pursuing from behind, 
and being beautiful’s a hard job, but, girl, you doin’ fine.
No wasting time, give my best through a rhyme. 
Got myself a fast pass, i’m skippin’ through the line. 
Not just a second, girl, I’d give you all my time
You got me intoxicated the Corona to my Lime. 
And I could go and find another 10 or 9, 
but nothing would ever get up to your level. 
Not even trying to say that I could ever be with ya
I’m just tired of sitting and imagining the picture, so


I’m saying I’ll do anything to have ya sittin’ 
in the studio while im the booth steady spittin’.
And i’m just trying to get what’s in my heart to be written; 
whether or not you receiving, I’m turning up my transmission,
And I’m hoping you getting it. I know feel better when
I spit on a track, because my flow is my medicine,
And if you take ya dose every day like instructed,
You might be persuaded over Uncanny production. 
Just trust in ya boy… I must be “The Man.”
You knowin I’m enjoying every second of my plan.
So let me walk ya through it, let me take ya by the hand.
And look at me….look at him….now look at me again.
I know ya see it when he ain’t tryna give ya things:
Instead of buying flowers spends money on the chains,
But all I got is coins, you can get a little change, 
Cuz when it comes to you ya know id do anything


I’ll put flowers on ya desk (if you) thinking we can spend
a night getting in ya head (oh, what?) girl I said
I’ll bring ya anything like, (if you) just keep it tight.
And we can speak into the night (oh, what?) ya heard right
I’ll treat ya like a queen, (if you) know what I mean
Naw it ain’t a dream, (oh, what?) You the perfect thing.
I’ll be ya man, (if you) just be my girl
And I can give ya the whole world (oh what?) the whole world

Soul Music Coming Soon.




Crazy (1st Verse Preview)- (prod. by Uncanny)

Re-posting lyrics with it for “read-along-and-be-shocked-because-the-lyrics-are-amazing” purposes. Oh…yeah…Soul Music coming soon.

Girl, you got me out of my mind
Got me thinking off track like I’m outta my rhyme
You got my mind in another place
Got my oven mitts, cuz its getting
Hot tryna steal up on another base
Take it how you want from the dome
But you see what I’m thinking when I’m sitting at home
Or when you hitting my phone
and even when you not
I’m just wishing ya were
But sometimes I realize
that my vision is blurred  
I gotta take a step back
The way you lookin with them eyes
it’s a death trap
So let me jump right in
I’m hopin and prayin
The day when
I’m kneelin down to say
That I wanna get away from the world
And all these other girls
Cuz I got you in my sight
That you’ll not take flight
It might be a day dream, but baby
I know that your amazing,
and, no, I’m not crazy.




Rapko - I’m Just Sayin’ (prod. Uncanny)

What these other cats sayin…take it as a grain.
Make ya own mind before they rearrange ya frame
Cuz man, i ain’t sayin…but i’m just sayin’.

yo brother, can I get a copy of this?

coming soon y’all
get those ears primed and ready

coming soon y’all

get those ears primed and ready

Uncanny + Rapko = Soul Music.


Currently working. Please stay tuned.

Rapko - Mrs. Jackson (prod. by Uncanny)


Mrs. Jackson by Rapko

Posted this a while back. Gonna be on my project with Uncanny.
Cooking up another verse for it….stay tuned.

you should listen, its good for your ears and health