Crazy (1st Verse Preview)- (prod. by Uncanny)

Re-posting lyrics with it for “read-along-and-be-shocked-because-the-lyrics-are-amazing” purposes. Oh…yeah…Soul Music coming soon.

Girl, you got me out of my mind
Got me thinking off track like I’m outta my rhyme
You got my mind in another place
Got my oven mitts, cuz its getting
Hot tryna steal up on another base
Take it how you want from the dome
But you see what I’m thinking when I’m sitting at home
Or when you hitting my phone
and even when you not
I’m just wishing ya were
But sometimes I realize
that my vision is blurred  
I gotta take a step back
The way you lookin with them eyes
it’s a death trap
So let me jump right in
I’m hopin and prayin
The day when
I’m kneelin down to say
That I wanna get away from the world
And all these other girls
Cuz I got you in my sight
That you’ll not take flight
It might be a day dream, but baby
I know that your amazing,
and, no, I’m not crazy.


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